The question arises...

Is my horse a Spanish Mustang? Or how do I know a Spanish Mustang by its conformation or breed traits? This site is dedicated to answering these questions and making it simpler to identify true Spanish Mustang type and traits.


About us...

We are members of the Spanish Mustang Registry who dedicate much of our time to researching the origins, conformation and Iberian connections of the Spanish Mustang breed. Neil Ui'Breaslain (son of Bob "Mr. Mustang" Brislawn) is our consultant on type, individual horses and strains that encompass the Spanish Mustang breed.


Straight to the core...

Cutting through the quagmire of registeries, strains, off shoots or manipulated herd managements can be daunting at best. Add a breed name like Spanish Mustang and then things get even more confusing. If a horse looks to untrained eyes like an image of what is considered in modern times as spanish, i.e. long thick manes and tails, arched thick necks, high movement, etc., then it must be eligble or fit into the Spanish ideal of the Spanish Mustang breed. If the horse is a mustang from any number of herd managements then it too must fit. If it appears to characterise both terms then one may get bruisd feelings when their horse does not make the inspection or worse yet doesnt even get accepted for an inspection. This is the very element that sets our registry apart. Here we will seek to help people identify the old type Iberian characteristics that drive the spanish look of the Spanish Mustang and to discover what other factors may have been contributors to the current phenotypes and why specific inspections decision are made.

Current Projects

Spanish Mustang Researchers Discussion

We are currently preparing a page for public discussion. Please check back later.

Rare Return to Ireland

We invite you to learn more about what is going on in various corners of the SM kingdom. The Spanish Mustang has a wide appeal and can be found as a predominant player in the following communities as well.

-American Sorraia Project
-Spanish Mustang LP Project
-American Indian Horse Association - shows
-Horses of the Americas
-Kentucky Horse Park Parade of Breeds
-Some SM's are beginning to emerge into the Sport Pony venue
-The breed is well established in ranch life and endurance.


For the purpose of this Educational Facility we will identify Spanish Mustangs, as a breed whose ancestors trace soley to foundation stock registered with the Spanish Mustang Registry. Regardless of fact or myth regarding the origins of these horses, they are the foundation stock of which the breed was built. Horses from these foundations have made their way into other registries and some lineages in those registeries have been built on these origins. These horses who also trace solely to the SMR foundations are Spanish Mustangs by breed and name. In no way does this discredit other Colonial Spanish Strains or Breeds.

The Spanish Mustang was founded by Robert E. Brislawn (affectionately known as Mr.Mustang) Here is the story... Link

A Macro look at the Foundation Stock

Here Neil Uibreaslain will guide you through a quick look at the basic history that surround the foundations of our current Spanish Mustangs. Neil grew up with these horses, together his personal intimacy with them along with his lifelong studies puts a new perspsective on the qualities of these horses. Understanding the nature surrounding these individuals will help you to develop a minds eye of how they may have impacted the breed and why they were used.

"Lets ride forever on."

- The Spanish Horse -

Twenty Thousand Years
Trusty Steeds

a magical secret concealed within a covering of horsehair.

Ideal: worth
in horses.

Explore, therefore, and perhaps discover what quality lies hidden within one strain of horses as would stir them to be valued as surpassing all others.

Historical Commentary
on the
Mesteņa Pura Espaņol

Time Segment One - Ancient Emergence
Time Segment Two - Iberia up through the Moorish Invasion
Time Segment Three - During the Middle Ages
Time Segment Four - Coming to the New World
Time Segment Five - Indian Ponies
Time Segment Six - Anglo Settlement and Westward Expansion
Time Segment Seven - Pushed Aside and Regained
Wayward Wind
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Chief Crazy Horse
Dance Magic
Grey Eagle
Castillian Star
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Cosita Mia
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